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Yeovil boss uses fans and Twitter to scout out new players

“Sol Campbell? Not after last time, mate…”


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was very sceptical of the whole Twitter thing for a very long time – we couldn’t see the point in looking at celebs’ status updates and feeling either cheated out of precious time or jealous that some reality telly schleper has a far more exciting life than us.

However, we’re now properly converted born-again Twitters – as soon as we hear a rumour or something it’s now Twitter rather than Google that we run to for the latest news.

It does have other uses though – as Yeovil Town boss Terry Skiverton has discovered…

The League One side have had to let six players leave this summer because of their financial woes and Skiverton has asked his followers on Twitter (now at 2,181 and counting) to give him a hand by pointing out players who could help the Glovers.

Speaking to the BBC, Skiverton said:

“It’s not a bit of fun for me – it’s serious business.

“I can’t afford a scouting system. I’ve got 1,700 followers and out of that I’ve got quite a few names and there’s been some interesting ones.

“There’s been so many players who have come through and we are following a couple of those leads.

“There was one or two that I had glossed over, that I’ve come back to.

“I think it gives the supporters a bit of fun as well as I’ve had supporters go through non-league annuals, going out and watching games saying ‘what about this player?’.

“I’d like to thank the supporters for adding a bit of amateur scouting, it’s worked out really well for us.”

The Spoiler
quite likes this idea and loves the fact that fans are getting properly involved and their opinions are being listened to – it makes a change from the Premier League where The Man runs amock without a thought for us grubby proletariats.

If you see a decent player having a kick around near the Yeovil area, why not get in touch with Terry here?

No time wasters, please.

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