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Santos and Penarol have a great ‘Kick ‘n’ Retreat’ battle at Copa Libertadores final


If YouTube has taught us anything about South America, it’s that barely a second goes by in one of their football games without a mass brawl breaking out. Not only that, it’s shown us the classic ‘Kick ‘n’ Retreat’ is the preferred method of attack.

Here’s a great example of the art in a fight between Santos and Penarol after the former won the Copa Libertadores 2-1 last night. Soon-to-be Real Madrid striker Neymar bagged one and Danilo scored the other before Penarol   pulled one back with ten minutes to go.

Apparently, Penarol took umbrage to Santos’s exuberant celebrations – it makes Rio Ferdinand v Mario Balotelli look like the piffling thing it was…

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  • R2Dad // June 23, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    don’t understand why they don’t have a dozen horse-mounted officers to manage the peace better. all of this girly slapping and kicking would stop immediately.

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