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Literally a list of footballers who fancy themselves as a muso

Something about Barton and a stray elbow…


Music and football should go together like peas and carrots in a lovely Sunday dinner, but whenever the two combine the results tend to be like peas and carrots in a great big pile of sick.

In fact, the best decision the FA have made in years was to scrap the ignoble tradition of getting Ant and Dec or Embrace(!) to sing an inspiring song to help Our Lads on the way to victory in a World Cup.

But that nonsense is all in the past, below are a few football folk who reckon they could give that Beyonce-hating b*stard Zane Lowe a run for his jukebox money…

Joey Barton

He’s got racehorses called Crying Lightning and My Propeller which is either a coincidence or he’s a big fan of trainer wearing beat-combo The Arctic Monkeys. He loves to get on Twitter and tell his followers about the latest tracks on his Walkman.


Andy Gray


You thought you already knew the most controversial thing that Andy Gray had ever said, right? Wrong…

“People say footballers have terrible taste in music but I would dispute that… In the car at the moment I’ve got The Corrs, Cher, Phil Collins, Shania Twain and Rod Stewart.”


Leighton Baines

England’s second best full-back loves his beats so much he actually has a music blog on the Everton website to talk about the latest aural delights whirring around his head. His last blog post saw him recommend the soon-to-be-footballer-staple Miles Kane as well as Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi.

He probably even has a preference between Drowned in Sound and Pitchfork. Bonus points for liking Spoiler Towers favourites Broken Bells…

David James

The original footballing pseud has a taste in music wider than his wingspan. Speaking to grubby music paper NME, he had this to say:

“I’m very eclectic. I listen to a lot of classic music, a lot of hip hop. I recently went down to Black Market records and picked up some house, no breakbeat this time, but some house music. I like most genres of music.”

We’d almost forgotten about James. It turns out he’ll be staying on at Bristol City for at least another season because it’s close to his family who live in Devon. So there…

Wayne Rooney


What with the short hours and no opportunity to do anything even remotely physical, it’s a wonder more footballers don’t harp on about their love of music. It’s probably because they’re off every other week getting loads of tattoos done – bloody Broken Britain.

However, Wayne Rooney managed to combine his love of ink with his love of music by getting a tattoo on his arm that reads ‘Just Enough Education to Perform’. For you squares out there, that’s the title of a Stereophonics album.

The ‘Phonics’ lead singer, Kelly Jones, also performed at Rooney’s wedding. Lucky him.

James Richardson

Here’s an answer he gave in an excellent interview:

What would be your Desert Island Disc?

“Huh? I’d rather not take any than just take one. If it was your favourite, you’d end up hating it. And if it wasn’t, why take it? Unless it was something by, say, Duffy, and you just wanted one less copy in circulation.”


Paulo Maldini

In the same interview, Richardson also revealed this:

“It’s a little known fact that Paolo Maldini liked rap, and even hosted his own rap show on Milanese radio 105.”

We THINK he’s telling the truth… Anyone know?

Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle

Yea, sorry…

Anymore for anymore?

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