Anyone know who subtle Paul Scholes was talking about?

Reserved former star wades into debate about England failure

Paul Scholes

The Spoiler has previously challenged the widely-held view that Paul Scholes’ career-long shyness in the media was an indication that he was the ultimate professional, instead arguing that it could be because he has a tendency to talk his way into trouble when interviewed.

Our theory was first aired in the aftermath of his Manchester City-baiting comments prior to last season’s FA Cup semi-final, which presumably didn’t quite work out as the recently retired midfielder intended.

Fresh fodder however was provided by his sudden attack on former England colleagues over the weekend for caring more about furthering their own careers than saving themselves from months of tabloid fury by winning an international tournament.

The thing is, the 36-year-old was so careful not to give clues about which players he might have been targeting that The Spoiler is utterly flummoxed as to who could possibly have drawn his ire.

“I always felt that players, especially at clubs like your Aston Villas, try to use England as a way to get to a top club. You wonder whether they are there for the right reason. I think they are very selfish people.

“I do watch the games but I couldn’t tell you England’s style of play. Is there a holding midfielder? Is there one up front? Does Gareth Barry play? I couldn’t tell you.”

Any ideas?

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  • Matthew // July 11, 2011 at 1:37 pm

    He talked about players hitting unnecesary long balls (steven gerrard?) aston villa players, maybe hes talking about the more recent villa and england players ( young downing milner barry)! There the players i thought myself

  • Fat Nakago // July 11, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    I’ve got a clue.

    The bloody lot of them.

    As I wrote in my little blog few weeks back, “Britain’s Got Talent. They have talent up the ass. So much talent that they don’t know what to do with it. They bring them in from all these different teams and I really get the impression that they don’t like playing with each other very much. I get the sense that they are all competing with each other to prove who is the best and most talented instead of playing together as a team.”

    REad about it here if you’d like:

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