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Dyer and Bothroyd set to enjoy Premier League life with QPR

Championship winners have a great record in their first Premier League season


Jay Bothroyd? Okay, he’s probably not quite as inspiring a signing as Dimitar Berbatov, Alberto Aqualani or any of the other players rumored to be heading to Loftus Road this summer, but it’s a start for the transfer-starved Super-Hoops.

And, according to sources like posh London paper, The Evening Standard, Bothroyd looks set to be followed into Loftus Road by a limping Keiron Dyer any minute now.

Like we said, it’s a start for QPR, but for Bothroyd and Dyer, a move to West London could be a guarantee of Premier League football for at least two seasons…

Since the Premier League money machine got going in 1992, 19 teams have gained promotion to the top-tier (excluding QPR) by winning the second-tier title.

Only seven of those sides have followed up a league win with relegation – and it would have been just six if Crystal Palace didn’t have to drop to accommodate the reduction of the Premier League from 22 teams to 20 in 1994.

The omens have been even better in recent years for QPR, with only three of the previous 12 newly promoted champions leaving the Promised Land after a single season visit – Norwich in 2004, Sunderland in 2005 and West Bromwich Albion in 2008.

The lowest placed finish of the nine teams who survived in the same period was Wolves who ended the 09/10 season in 15th place. And even then they were three places and eight points off going back down.

It’s looking pretty good for the Super-Hoops and, with a decent bit of financial clout behind them, they are in an excellent position to be playing Premier League football in 2013.

While we’re at it…

Just to quickly emphasize the gap between promoted teams and the Big Boys, The Independent reckon that Chelsea will travel over 19,000 miles on their pre-season tour of the Far East, while Swansea will be going a massive 19 miles to Neath and Port Talbort.


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  • baanfire // July 13, 2011 at 10:41 pm

    Agree that QPR will avoid relegation. I think Norwich has a 50/50 chance but Swansea will return to the Championship next year.

  • Les Ferdinand // July 17, 2011 at 12:08 pm

    If you knew anything about QPR, it would be that the club is in the middle of a desperate battle of ownership, with the current owners — Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore — reluctant to spend more than £1.25 million on transfer fees (exclusively for DJ Campbell). The rest will have to come from Bosman signings.

    QPR will not be spending money until they are sold — and only IF they are sold (presumably to the Mittals, who are part owners). As of now, there is nobody who looks MORE likely to go down than QPR.

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