Three managers who won’t make it to the end of the season

This article is an Owen Coyle-free zone folks...


They might last beyond Christmas, but it’s going to be tough for these three under-pressure bosses to hang on until May…

Steve Kean (2/5 not to last season, Stan James)

Blackburn’s recent improvement – four losses in eight compared to five in seven, since you asked – reminds The Spoiler of our recent attempt at go-karting. Yes, the crashes gradually became less frequent, but we were still chewing on tyre walls at every other corner.

Venky’s loyalty to Kean in the face of a level of hatred that even football fans rarely manage to muster is kind of admirable, but The Spoiler is resisting the urge to praise it out of fear that it is all leading to an act of sublime stupidity.

We have visions of Blackburn sticking with Kean until Easter, and then undoing all of their brave/foolish (delete as you see fit) support by replacing him at a point when relegation has become unavoidable, throwing some other poor sod into the furnace.

Alex McLeish (5/2 not to last season, Stan James)

Randy Lerner’s reputation has fallen faster than Luis Suarez in a penalty box since Martin O’Neill’s departure but, to our untrained eye, he still seems a decent bloke, and not much of a sacker either.

Axing McLeish would also act as an admission of “oops, my bad” over the appointment. However, given the lack of love shown to Big Eck now when, points-wise at least, all is mediocre if not good, there is potential for things to get World Cup 2010 Final-levels of ugly if things take a turn for the worse.

And with Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea to play before the end of 2011, that miserably day could fall sooner than expected.

Roy Hodgson (15/2 not to last season, Stan James)

Yeah, we’re not convinced either but admit it, the groans would have reached Maria Sharapova heights if we’d wimped out with a pick like Owen Coyle and Bobby Martinez.

A left-field choice was choice was needed and everyone’s (besides Liverpool fans, natch) favourite elder statesman of the dugout answered the call.

Would it be harsh? You better believe it, as even though the boing-ing Baggies haven’t been great so far, that has pretty much been the story of their entire Premier League existence.

So why ditch the Hodge? Because the Baggies boardroom showed Chelsea’s current cone distributor Roberto Di Matteo just how ruthless they are willing to be to secure survival. If they get another whiff of that horrific stench of relegation in their nostrils, they won’t waste time looking for an air freshener.

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