Carlos Tevez reveals where he learned to be so respectful

World's richest truant caught paying himself compliment


The Spoiler recently decided to flip through a back issue of Icon, a now defunct magazine once produced by former Spurs chums J. Redknapp and T. Sherwood.

In issue 11, sulkerstar Carlos Tevez, who was then scoring his way through his first season with Manchester United, deigned to try and look hard for the camera in his MacQueen finery, while answering a few gentle questions.

In this most illuminating piece of journalism, interviewer Jamie Redknapp manages to coax some thoughts from the invisible Argentine  on the values that have made him so modest. “I was born into a slum, brought up in a slum and my roots are always going to be there; no matter how famous I might be,” he said. “I’ll never forget that; I’ll never become too big for my boots. Life there taught me respect, humbleness, sacrifice.”

Either Carlitos’ memory isn’t what it was or he’s got some very big boots. And Roberto Mancini probably has some interesting thoughts on Tevez’s interpretation of “sacrifice”.

Seems Tevez wasn’t so strong on the old future-gazing either: “You know, I am so happy to be at Manchester United. It is a magnificent club. I really do not want to miss this opportunity and I can say now that I want to stay in Manchester for my entire career, or at least, most of my career.”






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