So just who are Ashley Cole’s friends at Manchester City?

Ashley Cole in the company of several potential BFFs...


It’s not an opinion held widely at Spoiler HQ, but Whiteboard actually quite likes Ashley Cole.

An irrepressible urge to back the underdog stirs a degree of sympathy for a man who has become a national hate figure merely for being driven to distraction by an Arsenal contract offer, cheating on the third best looking member of Girls Aloud, laughing within a year of an England World Cup exit, hating English people, misfiring a rifle and playing for Chelsea (fair dos, that is an acceptable reason).

His critics will always find a reason to hate though, so he probably shrugged off – perhaps with the aid of a Blackberry status update – accusations of singing “Thursday nights, Channel Five” to Manchester City players in the tunnel on Monday.

However Chelsea, renowned for their universal popularity, decided that leaping to his defence would help shift public opinion in his favour. It hasn’t of course, but the final line of their statement is a huge thought-provoker…

“Ashley has huge respect for the players and staff at Manchester City, many of whom he knows personally and calls friends.”

Who could these good pals be? Allow The Spoiler to open the debate with five guesses…

Joe Hart
Another man prone to ill-timed expressions of joy while representing his country.

Gael Clichy
Surely there must have been some good “clean my boots” related banter as Clichy broke through at Arsenal.

Kolo Toure
A fellow Invincible, and another man who identified the flaws in Arsenal’s wage structure, albeit without nearly crashing his car in the process.

Gareth Barry
England fans seem to hate Gazza Bazza (whose recent Where’s Wally fancy dress outfit perhaps reminded them of the Where’s Barry game they often play at Wembley) but our hunch is that he’s an unlikely star in social circles.

Mario Balotelli
There must be some admiration-tinted envy for Super Mario’s ability to get himself into Cole-style japes, yet instead of being hated for it, being idolised…

Any better suggestions as to who his friends could be and why? Go wild…

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