Rich but principled, pah!

Suddenly selfless Leonardo deserves derision for Tevez stance

A previous show of devotion to AC Milan from Leonardo...


Involvement with Carlos Tevez has a tendency to bring out the worst in football folk, and even the usually likable Leonardo appears to have fallen into that trap judging by the latest developments at Paris St-Germain.

In response to rumours linking the cashed-up French club with a move for the AC Milan target, their director of football said:

“I have not contacted the player and I will not interfere with AC Milan’s affairs. Even though I didn’t share the views of (owner Silvio) Berlusconi, which meant it was impossible for me to stay at Milan, the relations with the club are good.”

“We are looking without disturbing anyone. But if my mentor (Rossoneri vice-president Adriano) Galliani changes plans, then we are interested.”

Quoi? So he merrily implies that he believes that the sulky striker would improve Paris St-Germain’s stuttering side, and has cannons-full of cash at his disposal with which the let battle commence, yet is resisting out of some sense of chivalry.

Some will see much to admire about that behaviour, but being a cynical sod trained to view football as all big business and ruthlessness, Whiteboard can’t help feeling revolted by the Brazilian’s outlook.

He is putting AC Milan’s interests ahead of those of his current employers, and his use of the loyalty card is tougher to swallow than Dr Pepper given that he didn’t think twice about accepting the Inter job about this time last year. Slightly less loyal than signing a player that half the world wants, no?

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