Blackburn fans are picking on the easy target in Steve Kean

You what? We’re agreeing with Redknapp? Oh well, let’s do it...


The rules have admittedly changed a bit in recent years as unnecessary booing at matches has risen about 1462%, yet the general consensus regarding football fandom was always that a lack of effort rather than a lack of talent was worthy of derision.

And if that is a generally accepted argument for players, shouldn’t the same logic be applied to managers? Jeer an underachiever whose heart isn’t in it, but offer a harmonious backdrop to one needing all the help he can get.

Sure, Steve Kean has a win rate that has led some to view Avram Grant as an attractive alternative and a gift for fishing out positives that even shames Arsene Wenger, however he is clearly working to the best of his ability. If that isn’t good enough, surely it’s a gripe for the owners rather than him?

Kean vowed ages ago not to resign – quite rightly, as doing so would send a bad message about fan power at a time when most Premier League supporters are oblivious to the first seven letters of that term – so it’s in Venky’s hands.

They have shown no desire to get rid no matter how loud the abuse, so quite how the disillusioned Ewood Park crowd see their outpouring of hatred aiding what will be a season-long relegation battle is unclear.

It certainly isn’t helping the on-the-whole pro-Kean players and with margins so fine, seven of their 11 defeats coming by one goal, the difference in having the fans be a 12th man for them rather than the opposition could be telling.

Sadly, you sense that some – perhaps the tiniest minority – would rather go down with Kean than be proven wrong, and if that is the case, they are 4/9 with Ladbrokes to have their wish granted.

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