Fresh from ruining Italy, Berlusconi is ready to derail AC Milan

Massimiliano Allegri can look forward to plenty of tactical insights


Italian football club presidents are notorious for being as hard to please as mother-in-laws, Daily Mail readers and Aston Villa fans (hey, we can’t pick on Liverpool all the time you know!) combined.

Nine coaches have been sacked already in 2011-12 – two before the season even started – and the most reactionary president of all, Palermo’s Maurizio Zamperini, decided earlier this week that there were enough days left to appoint his fifth of 2011.

Zamperini’s insistence on figuratively wiring up to the coach’s seat in the Renzo Barbera dugout and controlling an Italia’s Got Talent-style buzzer is so long established now that it is sewn into the fabric of a Serie A season alongside Claudio Ranieri rescue acts and Juventus mid-season collapses.

Other presidential behaviour is harder to stomach, like AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi suddenly remembering that the club exists now that other job isn’t stealing all his time (no, not the crooning) and setting out to sabotage Max Allegri’s magnificent work.

When he last took an interest it was to force former boss Leonardo out against his vice-president’s wishes, and now he’s back to tell the man who ended Milan’s seven-year scudetto wait and has led them to nine wins in 11 that he’s doing it all wrong.

You see, apparently Allegri isn’t featuring his daughter Barbara’s squeeze Alexandre Pato enough, and should be looking to play him in tandem with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robinho.

The fact that the current system works is irrelevant of course, as is the likelihood that he may soon have to find a spot for Carlos Tevez, who in another piece of majestic Rossoneri wire-crossing, Berlusconi declared “is not my type”.

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