Dog breath? Try a refreshing Manchester United mint

Are sweeties United's latest revenue stream?


Photographic evidence has reached the Spoiler that United are leaving no commercial opportunity unturned in their quest for global mega-brandisation, or whatever the Nathan Barleys call “success” nowadays. The latest industry that should be trembling in its loafers is the sugared snack “biz”, as United have  produced this ingenious little chap.

Quite what it does or tastes like remains a mystery – perhaps Spoiler readers who are closer to the successful football club/newsagents interface can report back on the flavour (banana? money? Wayne Rooney?) and enjoyability of the refresher.

Anyone tuning in to the Manchester clash yesterday lunchtime will have seen the clip of former City dreamweaver Garry Cook talking with a completely straight face about how City were going to become as big a brand as Disney and Coca-Cola. Think again, City – your beloved neighbours are eating your lunch, and have got the between-meal slot sewn up too.

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