Tevez in ‘being involved in interesting transfer saga’ shock

Still got some power - has Berlusconi scuppered the Tevez deal?


While everyone in England is bored to tears of Carlos Tevez, the transfer saga that he is currently tangled up in over in Italy is genuinely riveting, and produced a doozy of a twist on Thursday.

It finally, finally looked like AC Milan had sussed a way to deck him in red and white that appeased Manchester City – selling Alex Pato to Paris St-Germain to raise the funds – forcing Massimo Moratti, head honcho at rival bidders Inter, to admit defeat.

Reports in France claimed that the Pato deal was a few furious scratches of pen shy of completion, and the move made sense for the Brazilian, reuniting him with mentors Carlo Ancelotti and Leonardo.

Everything was in place. Nothing could go wrong. Rossoneri vice-president Adriano Galliani perhaps felt that after weeks of searching for a solution to the Tevez dilemma, he could toast his imminent arrival with a quick glass of Pinot Grigio.

And then, with the end in sight, Pato suddenly announced, on AC Milan’s very own website no less, that he was staying, declaring “Milan is my home” and vowing to “contribute to the writing of Milan’s history and to the future success of this club”.

Great twist, right? But it gets better. Galliani clearly didn’t have a clue. And it definitely didn’t suit his grand plan, as he labelled Pato’s volte-face “entirely personal”, confirming that it had “interrupted” the Tevez transfer.

So the question has to be asked – did the big boss dirty his hands? Did Silvio Berlusconi – who is on record as not wanting Tevez – convince Pato – who dates his daughter Barbara – to change his mind, when even Leonardo was certain that he was Paris-bound?

Hmm. Consider Pato’s closing comments on the subject: “Today is a special day for me. I thank the President Berlusconi, the club and the fans who have always believed in me.”

So there you have it. Tevez is in limbo again, for now at least, civil war is potentially unfolding at AC Milan 72 hours ahead of the derby (come on, who doesn’t love exaggeration?), and once again Max Allegri’s fine work is undermined by bizarre off-field goings-on.

You can only imagine what Z Ibra, playing so spectacularly this season that he barely even needs a partner, makes of it all. If you expect the mess to have an impact on the pitch, Inter are 11/4 with Victor Chandler to beat them.

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  • Danny // January 16, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    im not bored to tears of carlos tevez, i just want to see him play again, like he used to. i miss that tevez. force of nature kind of player, if you’ll excuse the cliche.

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