Wolves to mark the darkest day in Internet history with a win



The Wikipedia genii have thought up a shrewd way to build support in their disgust at US Congress proposals which they say will see the Internet fall to pieces faster than Portsmouth after a takeover: show the world how screwed they are with no Wikipedia to turn to for might-be-true factoids.

Their 24-hour protest blackout is only minutes in and already I’ve signed a good dozen online petitions backing their cause, without really having any clue what that is. Effective, is how Opta Joe might sum up their work.

Anyway, on this chilling day for football writers everywhere, The Spoiler will not fold – and no, not just because we spent all day yesterday copy-and-pasting Wiki pages into Word.

And what better way to start a nightmare-inducing day than with a word about a match that promises to be about as fun to look at as a blacked-out Wikipedia.

Yes, remember that Birmingham v Wolves FA Cup tie that you desperately sought to avoid, and that feeling of vindication upon hearing that it was the most snoozetastic of 0-0 draws?

Well, ITV are bidding to break the record set that day for most TV sets smashed within a minute of kick-off by airing the replay.

But as the saying goes: if you can’t beat them, make money out of the whole miserable affair. That’s The Spoiler’s plan of action – and why not when Wolves are 11/10 to win with Victor Chandler?

Tuesday’s four games ended favourites 12-0 underdogs, showing that for all the talk of FA Cup magic, it’s silly to snub odds greater than evens on a top-flight team beating lower-league opposition at home.

Wolves have progressed through their last two FA Cup clashes with Birmingham, last failed to reach the fourth round – where they almost always then lose – a decade ago and are unbeaten in three against their just-about-close-enough-to-get-away-with-calling-them-neighbours.

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  • troy // January 18, 2012 at 6:52 pm

    Its not just Wikipedia (not even their idea as it was discussed on blogs in December) but many top sites like Reddit, BoingBoing, some Google sites, Craiglist. Metafilter, the Consumer Electronics Association, OpenDNS, WordPress, the Electronic Frontier Foundation are also part of it.

    (btw, the Wiki folks are nice enough to tell you on the home page that you can simply bypass the black page by turning off Javascript in your browser so you can still look up things)

    I hope youre playing the dumdum card for laughs because it would be beyond sad if you were taht clueless about a medium you are trying to make money off.

    If you link to a site that the entertainment jackals (MPAA, RIAA, Satan, etc) claim is infringing copyrights, you could be held liable in court. For simply linking.
    Ok, not you in jolly Stasiland with your secret orders, gagging and all that crap that makes totalitarian regimes green with envy but the US is the hub of english speaking internet, so whats bad for the US will affect you here eventually.

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