Ungratefulness at its best

Walk away Jose, Real Madrid will soon realise their loss

The phrase complaining like a spoilt child springs to mind


Football fans never cease to amaze me.

I mean what more could Real Madrid supporters want? Five points clear at the top of La Liga and more goals that any club ever in the first half of a La Liga season.

There must be 99 per cent of football fans who would give their right arm (if they are left handed) or at least their little finger to see their club in such a lofty position, particularly if they support Liverpool.

After all, this is a club that demands success and has had to play second fiddle to Barcelona in La Liga for three successive seasons and go a decade without a trophy in Europe.

There is obviously the scenario where everything goes tits up, Real Madrid endure a wobbly spell, see their  lead cancelled out and the end result is that they finish second to Barcelona again.

However, with Cristiano Ronaldo steering the ship from up ahead, there is little to be concerned about.

So what’s the problem? Oh, Jose Mourinho‘s tactics are too defensively minded and the players are not passing the ball to each other enough.

Give me a break.

Ask any Manchester United fan whether they would be happy winning the Premier League in all of the next five seasons even it meant losing both games each season with major rivals Manchester City and Liverpool.

I’m sure all would accept gladly in a heartbeat.

But Real Madrid supporters are apparently a different breed where winning is not just enough, the winning has to be achieved in the right way.

So despite Jose being well on track towards guiding them to a somewhat rare league title these days, the fans have taken it upon themselves to boo him in the dugout when winning a game 4-1 because of previous negative tactics against Barcelona.

My advice to Jose would be to walk away now if you are not wanted and then watch them boo when Arsene Wenger or whoever else replaces him lead Madrid back into the doldrums of no trophies and out of the title race by February.

The famous saying of you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone may never ring truer.

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