Spare watch anyone?

Timekeeping not the strong point of Santos president

At least he was on time to pick up an award


In life there is the saying that timing is everything.

Some men meet their future wives by catching a glimpse of them in another car while waiting at a red light or buy a lucky scratchcard when in a supermarket queue or get asked if they can graffiti the Facebook offices for a payment in shares.

In my case, timing is typically bad. I burn food on BBQs, find 2p rather £20 on street pavements and struggle to get a laugh for any of my best jokes (although this could be the fault of the joke rather than my comedy timing)

Well at least I’m not the only one needing to get a new watch.

Santos president Luis Alvaro Ribeiro de Oliveira obviously suffers from a similar dose of poor timekeeping, given that he has declared that the club’s best player is allowed to leave on the day after the transfer window has closed.

Ribeiro could have ultimately made a mistake all too common on Deal Or No Deal or any other gameshow for that matter in becoming greedy in his quest for money.

You can guarantee that the banker will offer a contestant say £12,000 and Noel Edmonds and the remainder of the contestants will say “Look what can still be won, two of the power of five boxes are still in play, including the £250,000”.

We all know what happens next. “No deal, Box 11 please Noel”, says the contestant, with the host saying “Come on Lucy, this has to be a blue”. Box opens, big sigh, head in hands, fake clapping and finally banker phones back up laughing at what might have been.

Ribeiro may also be left wondering what might have been should anything happen to Paulo Henrique Ganso in the coming months.

Ganso could have fetched as much as £25m in the transfer window, but only now will be allowed to be the latest South American starlet to move to Europe if the price is right, following Robinho, Alexandre Pato and err… Anderson.

But Ribeiro may be shouting “Come On, Damn”, rather than “Come On Down” if offers are in short supply in the summer and if Ganso’s recent disappointing form does not improve in the coming months.

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