World leader in sackings

How does this man continue to land Europe’s top jobs?

He wasn't great at Chelsea and it's got a whole lot worse since


It’s hard to be successful all of the time, even we know that. But failing at everything is a rare and special thing, and one that should never go unrecognised. So we’ve spent some time marvelling at the dismal work of Claudio Ranieri and thought we’d share the love.

There are very few men in football who have the guts and/or bare-faced cheek to keep crawling back after disaster. But good old Claudio never knows when he’s beaten. You might think he’s living off his former glories, but he hasn’t even won a proper trophy since 1999, so they’re fast becoming archaic.

Perhaps he was harshly dealt with at Chelsea. Maybe so, but a string of subsequent failures suggests Roman Abramovich has at least got one decision right.

Ranieri has now been sacked from six of his last seven managerial posts, the exception being at Roma where he heroically jumped before being pushed.

Just this week, he parted company with Inter after a spectacular run of just one win in ten league games. And we’re not talking mutual consent either. It’s P45 and call security when Claudio’s in the building.

Yet somehow, he manages to wheedle his way into another massive club, before disappointing as only he can and then departing with some more haters for good measure. We don’t know how we does it but simply pray this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Europe’s most prestigious let down.

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