Alex Pato: more muscle injuries than Inter have had 2011-12 wins

Luckless AC Milan star out for the 14th time in little over two years


What was the least surprising incident in the Champions League this week? All three away-leg winners triumphing at home? Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo scoring twice? Chelsea fans waving their super naff flags?

Nope, forget all that, the event that trumped all others in the so-damn-disappointingly-inevitable stakes was AC Milan forward Alex Pato hobbling off injured.

His latest setback was all the more embarrassing for having occurred within minutes of being brought on for his comeback appearance in Barcelona.

It also occurred days after club medic Jean Pierre Meersemann and vice-president Adriano Galliani spoke of having identified a “definitive solution” to his problems.

You’d have to worry that the solution that they have stumbled on is to put him down, as the news since has been more negative than a Sam Allardyce home line-up: the Brazilian confirmed to be out for the rest of the campaign.

And the doctor who thought that he had fixed the 22-year-old’s messed-up muscles no longer sounds anywhere near as chipper.

Meersemann mused: “I really don’t know which saint I should now turn to. He’s been all over, from Germany to America, in a bid to resolve his fragile muscles. He’s been looked at and cured. I’ve even asked my spiritual therapist to pray for him…”

Milanello’s reputation as a magical place where careers are extended has been shattered this season by an injury list longer than the wait for a Wolves win.

Pato’s situation is by far the most troubling though. This is his 14th muscle-related layoff since January 2010, and the larger that number grows, the greater the concern that his potential will never be fulfilled.

AC Milan aren’t suffering at present however, largely because when Pato has played, he has been poor, consistency evidently hard to find when panicking about when the next injury will arrive.

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