Silly ‘Arry, few take on Levy at Tottenham and claim a victory

Resignations rumours refuted, so sack speculation starts instead...


Either Harry Redknapp is playing a very clever game to escape from Spurs, or he is set to learn that while you can get away with manipulating some chairmen in the media, trying such tactics on one as scrupulous as Daniel Levy is disastrous.

Redknapp’s media handling has steered him to where he is right now, and in the past he has successfully squeezed extra transfer funds from clubs who couldn’t really afford it with carefully applied pressure through the press.

However Levy, widely regarded as the Premier League’s most suffocative negotiator, was never likely to be cowed by such an approach, and is instead reported to be contemplating sacking Redknapp following his unsubtle manoeuvring for a new contract in the press.

Of course, such a request wasn’t forthcoming when he was favourite for the England job and the people (who write for or read The Sun)’s choice, back when speculation over his future was in no way to blame for Spurs’ rapid abseil down the table, how could you make such a stupid assumption.

Yet while the prospect of Redknapp bailing on any given day back then was nothing to fret over, ‘Arry whispered to his friends in the media that starting this season with the possibility of him leaving at its conclusion would have his poor stars shivering with fear.

The only solution is a new contract to save them from panicking that he would do a disappearing act, at least until the England job comes up again.

Levy’s stance appears to be a Smiths-style “you just haven’t earned it yet baby” and the majority of Spurs fans online – where obvious a greater degree of negativity is to be expected – agree, irritated by their surrender of a lofty lead over Arsenal and their manager’s ceaseless public presence.

The Spoiler remains doubtful that they will sack him now (though if they did it would be beautiful to see Roberto Di Matteo stick two fingers up at Roman Abramovich and sprint over) but if they do, David Moyes is the evens favourite with Paddy Power to replace him.

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