The BBC Euro 2012 pundits are off to an impressive start

Hansen and Shearer raise eyebrows with wild pre-tournament picks


The BBC asked its 16 finest football presenters, pundits and commentators to name their Euro 2012 winners, runners-up, semi-finalists, 14 of the crowd giving boldness the elbow by tipping Spain or Germany as their champions.

Alan Hansen found another way to enrich the blandness of choosing Holland and Germany to join Spain in the semi-finals [...]

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Liverpool managing director nails Wigan chairman with killer quip

Sky Sports News-circling rent-a-quote compared to stand-up comic


The higher-ups at Liverpool struggle to attract a positive press. Kenny Dalglish’s one-man war against inane post-match interviews hurried his exit. The owners are painted as impulsive and ignorant. Even Brendan Rodgers, after a fine first press conference, oozed underhandedness and disloyalty in his “we won’t pinch Gylfi Sigurdsson, unless he’d like us to” spiel.


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What would you do – if you were Arsenal striker Robin van Persie?

Stay? Go? Raise an ambiguous thumb in both directions?


Inspired by the 21st century Bohemian Rhapsody – the City High single with the above name – The Spoiler plans to sample the shoes worn by those certain to feature in the summer’s biggest and most boring transfer sagas over the next few weeks, having a dabble at career guidance counselling.

Robin van Persie, the [...]

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Dave Whelan’s stint as a Sky Sports News correspondent ends

"Can’t you drag this decision out a bit longer lad?"


Roberto Martinez has confirmed that he will be spending next season with Wigan. Or to be more accurate, Dave Whelan has confirmed that Martinez has confirmed…

In keeping with a fortnight in which Whelan’s publicity-hungry, discretion-famished approach – filing twice-daily updates on any conversations that his manager may or may not have held to everyone’s [...]

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Yo Liverpool, Chelsea, West Brom and Villa – hire someone!

Long wait to learn who will model the 2012/13 range of dugouts


A group of Premier League chairman have clubbed together to help bookmakers hoover up thousands of punters’ pounds until Euro 2012 begins by ensuring that the various next manager markets remain active.

Or something like that. There are murmurs that Liverpool might make a decision within 48 hours and Aston Villa will find someone else [...]

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The case for backing Holland to win Euro 2012

Presented before they balls up another easy friendly tonight…


On the evidence of a year at Roma – enough to break any player – the keeper isn’t really that great. The defence is crammed with creaking legs and Johan Cruyff’s ego-sized question marks and the forwards are perhaps unfairly tagged ‘combustible’.

Odds to win Euro 2012: 7/1 (Click to claim a £50 [...]

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