Leeds sack Grayson at precisely the moment when they can’t spend any more money

So, transfer deadline day was about as exciting as listening to Mark Lawrenson commentating on a tin of beige paint evaporating, but there were still a couple of interesting little things going on.

Unfortunately for Sky Sports News’s excitable Jim White most of it was either well underway before he was let out of his cage or people were watching Match of the Day when some explosions and Kasabian heralded the shutting of the window.

Anyway, perhaps the most surprising thing to happen over the past day is the sacking of Leeds lothario Simon Grayson…

While the sacking may not be all that surprising – he’s had a bit of a torrid time recently and Leeds got smashed 4-1 by Birmingham on Tuesday – the timing of it is.

Here’s Leeds Chief Executive Shaun Harvey talking about the booting:

“We have 18 games to go this season and are still within touching distance of the Play-Offs, but felt with the transfer window now closed we needed to make the change at this time in the belief that a new managerial team will be able to get more out of the existing squad of players and make the difference.”

Now, call The Spoiler an old fuddy-duddy, but surely the best time to get managers in is BEFORE the transfer window closes so the new guy can do a bit of buying and selling and wheeling and dealing?


Leeds aren’t exactly Scrooge McDucking it up at the minute and getting a manager in at this point means they won’t be able to spend any dosh on pesky things like new players.

Well played, Mr Bates. A bit transparent but, nonetheless, well played.

Favourite for the job now is recently departed QPR boss Neil Warnock. Should he get the job he’d take over a team who are just three points off the play-offs with a fair few games left.

Warnock done the job last season, can he do it again? What do Leeds fans reckon? Happy with Warney? Who would you rather see? Questions, questions, questions. Give us some answers below…