The Spoiler’s Denmark v Portugal and Holland v Germany picks

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The Spoiler’s Denmark v Portugal and Holland v Germany picks

Denmark to defy expectations again, Holland and Germany to thrill


Our Greece win tip looked as comical as the defending for the second goal as Czech Republic darted into a 2-0 lead in six minutes on Tuesday, but Poland and Russia claimed that money back by both kindly scoring. Can Group B’s juggernauts launch us into a rarely-trod territory called profit?

Denmark v Portugal

The [...]

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Silly ‘Arry, few take on Levy at Tottenham and claim a victory

Resignations rumours refuted, so sack speculation starts instead...


Either Harry Redknapp is playing a very clever game to escape from Spurs, or he is set to learn that while you can get away with manipulating some chairmen in the media, trying such tactics on one as scrupulous as Daniel Levy is disastrous.

Redknapp’s media handling has steered him to where he is right [...]

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Serie A braces itself for PSG’s latest divisional cherry pick

World’s best defender and a Whiteboard favourite are off to Paris


Football has its own versions of the famous question that sounds somewhat like an alibi-seeker: where were you when JFK died?

Popular examples include where were you when England won the World Cup (most used answer: not born), where were you on that night in Barcelona/Istanbul/Luanda and where were you when Manchester City [...]

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The Spoiler’s Greece v Czech Rep and Poland v Russia fancies

Predicting more Group A goals and Greece stereotype shredding


Greece v Czech Republic

Jonathan Wilson, a man who knows far more than The Spoiler about Czech football and, well, most things, still fancies the Czech Republic to qualify and deemed the Russia result a tad misleading, but we’re going to shun his superior wisdom and side with Greece.

Their initial opponents Poland may well [...]

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Eight games into Euro 2012, it is ITV winning the punditry duel

Much-mocked broadcasters producing more entertaining TV so far


The excessive ad breaks, Adrian Chiles’ overplayed real fan shtick, the semi-scripted commentators and often overegged pro-England coverage often see ITV used as a criticism sponge to soak up much of the dismay directed at British football coverage.

Over a quarter of the way into Euro 2012 though, the reality is that their broadcasts have [...]

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What would you do – if you were Bayern boo boy Arjen Robben?

Silence the haters? Avenge that final loss? Or find a new home?


Arjen Robben’s future appeared to have been resolved in early May when he scribbled his name down on a two-year contract extension, then the Champions League final happened.

His one meeting with the Bayern Munich fans since was in the sort of exhibition match usually reserved for FIFA gamers, in which Holland met Bayern and [...]

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Has Di Matteo been trapped into a loveless marriage by Chelsea?

The jobs have dried up leaving Italian with little choice but to stay


If The Spoiler looked good enough in a suit to sample Roberto Di Matteo’s shoes, we’d have darted from Stamford Bridge a fortnight or so after the Champions League final when they still couldn’t decide whether or not he was worthy of remaining in charge.

The Swi-talian’s loyalty to the club – or possibly just [...]

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Tough start for glamour guys in Euro 2012 top scorer skirmish

Robin van Persie revives WC2010 form, Miro Klose tries the bench


Few foresaw Russia and Croatia providing the pacesetters in the Euro 2012 top scorer marathon and most who did likely fancied best league in the world-tested Roman Pavlyuchenko and Nikica Jelavic over Alan Dzagoev and Mario Mandzukic.

Their delight was characteristic of a first weekend in which, in keeping with international tournament tradition, several high-profile [...]

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