Masters of the late charge - six unlikely Euro 2012 heroes

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Masters of the late charge – six unlikely Euro 2012 heroes

After dashing onto the plane at last boarding, could these six star?


Rather than sculpt a Tim Lovejoy-approved “players to look out for” list featuring Cristiano Ronaldo and Robin van Persie, or a “players to watch” list assembled by looking at who has the best potential ability ratings on Football Manager, The Spoiler instead decided to cobble together six relative randomers without the nauseatingly overstated build-up who [...]

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Serbia star axed for refusing to sing on Saturday

It didn’t do Cheryl Cole any harm on The Voice…


Perhaps pre-empting the match-fixing drama polluting Italian football’s emergence as a headline hog, two protagonists of Fiorentina’s rather lively campaign engineered some fresh chaos this weekend.

Adem Ljajic’s two prior claims to fame are a bungled move to Manchester United and being swung at earlier in May by his then coach Delio Rossi after sarcastically [...]

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Just how bad were The Spoiler’s pre-season predictions?

Sunderland in the top six, Wolves in the top half and other errors


The Spoiler made ten pre-season predictions last summer. Now comes that awkward moment to look back and cringe…

Arsenal will, as always, finish in the top four Our faith in the profit-first, football-second Gunners was vindicated, kindly assisted by a typically Spursian slump, Andre Villas-Boas’ over-eagerness to overhaul and Liverpool being Liverpool. 1pt.

Sunderland will [...]

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Sign me, please

Premier League cast-offs coming to sit on a bench near you

Where next for this illustrious collection of unwanted men?


It’s that joyous time of year when clubs cast aside their deadwood and the scramble for second-rate freebies gets underway. These poor souls are on the hunt for new contracts, so here’s how it might look if someone took pity on the whole sorry bunch.

Champions League winners Salomon Kalou and Jose Bosingwa will perhaps [...]

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When fans get upset

Auxerre clearly like what they have been seeing at Ewood Park

Auxerre's disgruntled masses show Blackburn how it's done


Blackburn’s fans probably won’t look back on this season with any great fondness but they can at least reflect upon starting a very exciting new trend. Rovers’ measured response to relegation included flinging tennis balls at manager Steve Kean, not the most honourable of acts in itself. But Auxerre clearly saw the wisdom in the [...]

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Enjoy the Grand National with a free Paddy Power punt!

Shakalakaboomboom is The Spoiler’s 2012 fancy


As half of Merseyside spill down to London for a Wembley derby more eagerly anticipated than Kenny Dalglish’s post-defeat interviews with Geoff Shreeves, plenty will trek in the opposite direction for the Grand National.

The Atletico Madrid of horse races, complete with illustrious history, big crowds, high expectations, chaos at every turn and very few [...]

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Alex Pato: more muscle injuries than Inter have had 2011-12 wins

Luckless AC Milan star out for the 14th time in little over two years


What was the least surprising incident in the Champions League this week? All three away-leg winners triumphing at home? Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo scoring twice? Chelsea fans waving their super naff flags?

Nope, forget all that, the event that trumped all others in the so-damn-disappointingly-inevitable stakes was AC Milan forward Alex Pato hobbling off [...]

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Kenny Dalglish is still on course to make history at Liverpool

Alas in a similar way to how Derby broke records under Paul Jewell


Rafael Benitez’s reply to being linked with the Chelsea job was to preach of his greatness, however a far subtler approach could see him back at Liverpool within months, where his work looks more miraculous with each passing day.

Things have turned so sour under second successor Kenny Dalglish that the Reds are now priced [...]

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