World Cup Fever

Name your England World Cup team, based on NOW!

England’s front two… kind of


There is still much to play for in the Premier League, but pretty soon all eyes will switch to South Africa, and the various lessons learned from the current campaign might yet change the expected England line up. Way back in snowy December, The Spoiler had [...]

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Gifted Children

The Spoiler’s England “Mostly Teenagers” XI

Including at least three of these dudes


As reported in today’s Mirror, Bolton boss Owen Coyle said this about Jack Wilshere:

“I am biased because I work with Jack on a daily basis, but I would take him with England.”

“He is such a talented young English player, he [...]

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News in brief

Aaron Lennon’s feeling better, Mancini’s staying put…

Lennon – back on the plane?

Aaron Lennon

Fans of romantic things will presumably be wiping their tears away with fallen rose petals today, with the terrible news that Lenny Henry and Dawn French are getting divorced. Did she tire of his hilarious jokes? Was his Theophilus P. Wildebeest [...]

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Excellent List

10 of football’s greatest metrosexuals REVEALED!

Beckham – staggeringly metrosexual

David Beckham 

Gone are the days when footballers were the men awkwardly shuffling around in a jumper from Millets and some stone washed jeans on their day off, desperately attempting to fit in with the rest of society. These days, some of these weekend athletes are also fashion [...]

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news in brief

“Up yours Tottenham!” suggests Taarabt, and more…

Taarabt – low blow

Adel Taarabt

The big news from today’s showbusiness desks is that Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud has become more ladylike. They know this because she has a “grown up” hairstyle, and managed to navigate an entire nightclub without once grabbing herself and gurning at photographers. [...]

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World Cup Fever

Can you name your England World Cup squad yet?

Try your hand at being Capello…

Fabio Capello

Now that the season is entering its final stages, very soon a giant magnifying glass will turn onto the players who may or may not make the England squad for South Africa.

For some, it’s a race against time – [...]

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World Cup Fever

Name your England World Cup squad gatecrashers

Anyone for Zamora?… Repeat, anyone for Zamora?


With the season hotting up to around Excitement Factor 8, or, at a push, 9, the England team magnifying glass will surely be focusing on names that might yet force themselves into the squad for the World Cup.

It’s not been a [...]

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The Big Question

VOTE: Who should play on the right for England?

Time is running out for Mr Speedy Pants

Aaron Lennon

Sometimes Lady Luck can be a total bitch, just ask Aaron Lennon – he’ll tell you. With a swift jab to the undercrackers, his World Cup dreams could be over just as he was hitting the form of [...]

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