Kids Team

The Spoiler’s Premier League Youngsters XI

Did this young man make the cut? (yes he did)

Aaron Ramsey

It’s already been quite a season for youngsters, so coming up with a team of the things was a trickier-than-expected process. The rule was – keeper aside – to only use players who are 20-years-old or younger. [...]

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The Spoiler’s top ten transfer snubs of all time

Kaka isn’t the only one to stick his nose up…


Manchester City are currently nursing their injured pride after Kaka told them where to shove their money, but Mark Hughes aren’t the only ones to have faced rejection. In fact, according to our compilation of of top ten transfer [...]

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Transfer Talk

Are Ribery and Eto’o on their way to Chelsea?

Today’s transfer rumours, written down one after the other

Franck Ribery and Samuel Eto’o

One of the more surprising transfer rumours to surface during this year’s European Championships doesn’t involve a journalist-hating Barcelona star or a strange looking Frenchman, but rather a member of the BBC’s [...]

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