Tolerant Lady

Abbey Clancy decides to forgive naughty Peter Crouch

Clancy – Voguing

Abbey Clancy 

Those who enjoyed yesterday’s particularly good looking list of Women Scorned might have noticed that around 33.3 per cent of them still managed to forge ahead with their relationships in spite of the various allegations regarding French underpants models and saggy 93-year-old [...]

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Transfer Talk

Cheryl Cole update, Spurs fancy Fabiano, and more

More big football news…

Big Football

In a hot showbusiness story that reads more like a weird dream, Amir Kahn went for dinner with Cheryl Cole not so long ago, and she told him that she was faking a relationship to keep the paparazzi at bay. You can catch [...]

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Excellent List

A lovely gallery of pretty women scorned by footballers

A thrilling montage of Abbey Clancy:

Abbey Clancy 

What a rotten month Abbey Clancy must be having. So beautiful, so desired – and yet totally cheated on by a man whose shadow could win a Nosferatu lookalike competition.

Very much in the spirit of making Ms Clancy feel better, after the jump you’ll [...]

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You go girl!

Abbey Clancy won’t let a spot of heartbreak stop her going out

Imagine this, but with a horse where the other girl is


Hey man, remember when you had your heart broken? Did you sit around in your underpants guzzling whiskey and watching Dirty Dancing over and over again in floods of tears? Of course you did. You’re a bloke.

As it happens, [...]

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Free Advice

10 Suggestions that could improve Ashley Cole’s profile

What can he do to make you love him?

Ashley Cole 

As reported in today’s Daily Mail, the honchos behind the scenes at Chelsea are keen to revitalise the public face of Ashley Cole. Club chairman, Bruce Buck, said this on the matter:

“He has just got to work a little [...]

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Women Scorned

Uh-oh! Danielle Lloyd would chop Peter Crouch’s balls off!

Danielle Lloyd – feminist

Danielle Lloyd

As Peter Crouch will surely learn over the coming weeks and months, you cross the sisterhood at your peril.

It’s been an image-shattering fortnight for Crouchie, who has morphed from being football’s gentle giant, into some kind of horny Nosferatu, forking out for filthy stag night sex with a prozzie, and [...]

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Yin Yang

Good news and bad news for naughty Peter Crouch

Crouch – bad week

Peter Crouch 

Hey, remember five days ago? It was great. It was still summertime, everyone was a little bit younger, and Peter Crouch was widely regarded as one of the loveliest people not just in football, but in the whole wide world.

Now look at [...]

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