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Liverpool man linked with Barca, and Robinho update…

Clue: he’s in this picture


Those still reeling for the Crouchie-pays-for-sex debacle that totally ruined Abbey Clancy’s weekend might be interested to know that she’s sought advice from Toni Terry – JT’s rather put upon baby mama/wife.

Crouchie, without wanting to speak too soon, it looks like you got [...]

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Broken Dreams

Crouchie and Abbey Clancy – the happier, sexier times

Oh God! Peter, what did you do?

Crouch and Clancy 

If you happen to see yourself as more of a broadsheet kind of guy/gal, you mightn’t have heard the news – Peter Crouch had it off with a hooker.

Yes. You read that correctly. Peter Crouch – football’s [...]

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Transfer Talk

Crouchie back to Liverpool, United to hijack Milner…

Um, something about “taking the plunge”?

Peter Crouch 

Of course, the big news today is that Paul Robinson and Wes Brown have opted to watch England matches just like the rest of us, wisely choosing a big TV/comfy sofa combo over an uncomfortable pitch side seat in an overcrowded [...]

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Model Professional

Crouch’s relationship with Abbey Clancy totally pays off

Peter Crouch – fierce

Peter Crouch

When you look at footballers and their WAGs, sometimes it’s rather hard to see exactly what each member is bringing to the relationship table. Yes, he’s got the money, the high profile job, but what about her? She doesn’t seem to DO anything. [...]

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