The Big Question

Is it time for Ancelotti to throw in the towel?

Ancelotti – broken


As if Ancelotti’s disappearing self esteem weren’t in enough danger of totally vanishing, word from the weekend suggests that Roman Abramovich has been figuratively eyeing up another woman who he’d love to shower with compliments for about a year and then psychologically dismantle once the thrill of new [...]

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Had enough news

Is Carlo Ancelotti now the male equivalent of a broken woman?

Ancelotti – you go girl!

Carlo Ancelotti 

Were you to look up the Italian translation of the word “doormat” online, the big surprise is that it isn’t “ancelotti”, but instead the rather poetic sounding “zerbino”.

All of which leads totally seamlessly to the Italian’s torrid fortnight at Chelsea, which has [...]

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The Big Question

VOTE: Should Cole really face Chelsea punishment?

“Run Cheryl! Run!… he ain’t no good etc…”

Ashley and Cheryl Cole

Ashley Cole cheated on his wife, lots of times. There is nothing remotely surprising/shocking about that sentence. Except that he could now be punished by his club, with talk of Chelsea even giving him [...]

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Russian Nightmare

Pack your bags Abramovich, the Chelsea fairytale is OVER!

Time to rip it up and start again, Chelsea


What the Christ! Last night the world was treated to probably the worst fairytale of all time, akin to Cinderella meeting Prince Charming, only to find that beneath the sparkling veneer he’s actually really anal and a bit clinically depressed. [...]

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