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Is Arsenal’s most fashionable Russian off to Italy?

Ex-WAG, should-be-WAG?

Maria Fowler

It’s been a week in which Harrison Ford’s movie career faced a serious litmus test – could a Han Solo movie premiere still pull in the A Listers? In short, yes. Yes it could. Gaffney was there. So was Andre. Michelle Bass, McKeith, Katona. Plus [...]

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Transfer Talk

You can all sod off, says Cheryl Cole… plus transfer news

Cheryl Cole and… Cheryl Cole?

Cheryl Cole 

As she should after such a rotten year getting battered down in the limelight, Cheryl Cole has proven that she’s not taking it any more, by publicly declaring in a magazine that, you know what, she “couldn’t give a shit” what people think of [...]

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Transfer talk

The Liverpool revolving door set to start spinning

The revolving door at Liverpool FC is slowly thawing out following the harsh weather conditions caused by The Spoiler’s misjudged decade-long decision to spray aerosols directly at the Ozone Layer to create better summers without considering the flipside. Sorry about that. Here’s some news about ins and outs at Anfield….

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Carroll linked with a move to Spurs, and more…

Good buy?

Andy Carroll

No real surprise last night that Stella walked it in The Apprentice – Sugar doesn’t like posh and he can’t stand bullshit, so she pretty much had it in the bag when it transpired that she’d been raised by foxes in a tin house. Estate [...]

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Mourinho eyes up new striker – who would YOU go for?

The word on the street is that Jose Mourinho is looking to strengthen his forward line in January, with City boys Adebayor and Tevez on his radar, along with the child Hernandez who has barely finished unpacking his Thundercats rucksack since moving to Man United.

But which one would you go for, given the choice? [...]

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Winter Sale Now on!

Mancini clearing away any remnants of Mark Hughes

One of these men is particularly bad with money

Mancini and Hughes

Like the young idiot Icarus who decided to fashion himself some expensive wings and fly around the world, the robed men at Man City are now realising that the higher you soar, the more you wish [...]

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Transfer News

Adebayor set to further alienate Arsenal fans

Kolo looks on, shocked


Little over a year or so ago, Adebayor was a popular face at Arsenal, so, as falls from grace go, this one is threatening to take on studenty Nick Clegg proportions.

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Is he? Isn’t he? – The Emmanuel Adebayor story

One man. Two clubs. Crossed wires


Anyone who has ever spent a chunk of time working the dole queues will know all about the necessary components that make up a decent afternoon TV movie.

You start with a man/woman having a very normal time of things, then you mess with their [...]

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