Sunday pundits

Grumpy old men invade set of MOTD 2

Hansen and Lawrenson “work rate” hits an all-time low


Match of the Day 2 received a couple of unwelcome visitors last night when a six-fixture Sunday meant BBC super-pundits Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson were forced to interrupt their golf schedule in preparation for spending the evening on the [...]

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Been Caught Stealing

Has MOTD2 run out of ideas?

BBC’s Prem highlights package ‘borrows’ idea from The Spoiler

Kevin Keegan touching Roy Keane’s face

When Adrian Chiles is at the helm, Match of the Day 2 is always preferable to its Saturday night sibling. However, with the Brummie currently heading home from the [...]

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Video of the Day

Video: MOTD2′s 2 Good 2 bad review of the season

Chiles and co check out ill-mannered geriatrics and blatant homoeroticism

There are plenty of reasons why MOTD2 is infinitely better than its Saturday night precursor: there’s no Lawrenson, there’s more games to [...]

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Pundit watch

Is Tony Adams the new Tom Waits?

Arsenal legend provides welcome alternative to the matey blandness of Shearer and pals

Tony Adams

Match of the Day 2 has been cleaning Match of the Day’s clock for a long time now. Personable Chiles is better than link-machine Lineker, Lee Dixon is a bright and insightful analyst, providing [...]

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