Sunday pundits

Grumpy old men invade set of MOTD 2

Hansen and Lawrenson “work rate” hits an all-time low


Match of the Day 2 received a couple of unwelcome visitors last night when a six-fixture Sunday meant BBC super-pundits Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson were forced to interrupt their golf schedule in preparation for spending the evening on the [...]

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At the ponies

Michael Owen in big grey hatted fashion blunder

Owen declares “I’m better than you” via the medium of clothes


While his old England buddy, Alan Shearer, actually begins to impress the nation with his ability to repeat exactly what Alan Hansen has just said and still get paid for it, Michael Owen was caught up in a [...]

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Pundit Watch

Shearer and Hansen bring more shame to the BBC

Pundits phone in a terrible performance


After a gripping season finale and Euro 2008 to keep the public entertained, you’d assume that MOTD would be home to enthusiastic and thoughtful BBC pundits, and yet, on last night’s evidence, the honchos in charge should be on the phone begging [...]

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Pundit watch

The headmaster ritual – England’s leading pundits take on the new chap

Capello’s first chance to show what he can do – what will the experts make of him?

If Fabio Capello does half as good a job of managing the England team as he has of convincing the press he is the sadistic head of a bleak Victorian educational academy, England should never lose again.


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