Seven of the Premier League’s most flashy custom-kitted supercars reviewed

We use the term ‘supercar’ loosely, considering one’s a VW Touareg


If it’s one thing that professional footballers love more than crashing high-powered cars into immovable objects, it’s wasting thousands of pounds on pimping those cars out beforehand.

Yianni Charalambous obviously noticed this way before any of us and [...]

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Deadline Day

Go BONKERS, it’s Transfer Window Deadline Day!

Adam Johnson – City bound?

Adam Johnson

Right, to kick things off there are a few congratulations to get out of the way. Congratulations to Egypt for winning the Africa Cup of Nations. Congratulations to John Terry for managing to paint an even more abhorrent picture of himself than [...]

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The Cole tackle

Was Ashley Cole trying to get sent off last night?

An alternative interpretation of his attempt to de-leg an opponent

Ashley Cole

Could it possibly be that when Spurs’ Alan Hutton had the brass neck to present his well-turned ankle to Ashley Cole in last night’s game at White Hart Lane, Mr Cole saw an opportunity to take [...]

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