Eight games into Euro 2012, it is ITV winning the punditry duel

Much-mocked broadcasters producing more entertaining TV so far


The excessive ad breaks, Adrian Chiles’ overplayed real fan shtick, the semi-scripted commentators and often overegged pro-England coverage often see ITV used as a criticism sponge to soak up much of the dismay directed at British football coverage.

Over a quarter of the way into Euro 2012 though, the reality is that their broadcasts have [...]

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The BBC Euro 2012 pundits are off to an impressive start

Hansen and Shearer raise eyebrows with wild pre-tournament picks


The BBC asked its 16 finest football presenters, pundits and commentators to name their Euro 2012 winners, runners-up, semi-finalists, 14 of the crowd giving boldness the elbow by tipping Spain or Germany as their champions.

Alan Hansen found another way to enrich the blandness of choosing Holland and Germany to join Spain in the semi-finals [...]

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shooting fish

Alan Shearer gets a waxwork of his face and body done

Easy start to a Wednesday morning


Wow. Can you tell the difference? Of course you can – one is a lifeless, dead-eyed lump employed to stand around staring blankly into the middle distance while doing absolutely nothing of interest, while the other… IS A WAXWORK!


Anyway, here’s [...]

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Money well spent?

It costs a fair bit of cash to get the MOTD boys home

If your minicab’s not booked, it’s just a stranger’s car   


According to The Sun:

“The BBC spends £2,000 every week ferrying Match Of The Day football pundits Mark Lawrenson, Alan Shearer and Alan Hansen from the London studio back to their homes in Newcastle and Merseyside.”

The Spoiler [...]

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Yes! It’s the brainiest football quotes of the year!

Including wisdom from Mr Brainiac here

Alan Shearer

As expected, it’s been another year rich in football insights from the people who know it best – the pundits, the players, the managers… Alan Shearer.

After the jump, prepare to have your minds blown with some moving tributes [...]

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Kelly Brook and Alan Shearer get all 2018 on your ass!

Oh God! They’re beautiful!

Alan Shearer and Kelly Brook

Make no mistake about it, this whole World Cup 2018 bid is getting very political. And, in politics, when things get political, it’s time to start making serious political moves. These tend to involve muck raking, rumour mongering, cake [...]

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