Twitter tantrum

Uh Oh… Alan Smith’s Twitter account hijacked by his ex



You remember Alan Smith? Went from Leeds to Man Utd? Dyed blonde hair? Anger issues? Basically the Yorkshire Eminem? Yea, that’s the one.

Well, it looks as though he might look to emulate Marshall Bruce Mathers III a little further and begin writing [...]

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Fashion News

Steven Gerrard wins the shiny suit competition

Liverpool captain gives his groin a good airing live on television

Steven Gerrard the Sky Sports pundit

Alan Smith looks on with mild confusion as Steven Gerrard shows Jamie Redknapp the range of groin movement afforded by his [...]

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Must Try Harder

The Spoiler’s Average XI

Because not everyone can be the star of the show

Jeremie Aliadiere

For every Premiership star, there is a gaggle of decidedly average teammates skulking about in his shadows. These players are neither outstanding nor terrible, they are simply hard workers with a tendency to go about their job [...]

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Will Kevin Keegan resign from Newcastle again?

King Kev having crisis talks with board

kevin keegan

BBC Radio Newcastle are reporting that Kevin Keegan is currently having crisis talks with the club’s hierarchy after becoming frustrated by the sale of first-team players.

There are rumours circulating that he may have walked already and King Kev is [...]

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Kenyon in bad maths shocker

Man needs calculator…

Peter Kenyon

Once again, Peter Kenyon has proved his worth as one of the lord God’s most unnecessary creations by insisting that Shevchenko might even have been a good bit of business for Chelsea.

“I’m not giving a lesson in accountancy,” he grumped, “but you do [...]

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Transfer Talk

Chelsea forced to hurry up and wait for Robinho

Today’s gossip, rumours and damned lies

Robinho to Chelsea

Chelsea have confirmed making a bid for Brazilian man-o’-sex Robinho (rumoured to be worth £19.7 million) but find themselves frustrated with Real Madrid’s failure to find a replacement, which is currently holding up proceedings. With Cristiano Ronaldo [...]

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The Big Debate

Is Liverpool the NICEST club in the Premier League?

Just a question, not a declaration of war…


Alright, football fans, put the grenades down, and throw your machetes into a nearby hedge. The Spoiler knows the drill by now, your claws are out, and we can only apologise for the headline – we didn’t do it just to [...]

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Bad eggs

The “What the hell were we thinking?” XI

None of these men are the new Pele…


Everyone makes mistakes. After all, wasn’t it someone at Channel 4 who once thought it a delightful idea to lock a beautiful Indian woman in a room with a mob of angry racists? That didn’t quite work out as hoped. Other [...]

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