WAG of the Day

WAG No. 127: Pamela Diaz

Chile: exporters of wine, copper and top-heavy models

In 2006, a tournament was held in Germany that gripped the attention of men all around the world. Of course, I’m referring to the Triumph Underwear Fashion Cup, where models gathered to show off lingerie with a vague sporting aesthetic. Competitors [...]

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Continental WAG Goodness

The Euro 2008 WAG XI

The ultimate European Championships dream team

Imagine spending a day in topsy-turvy world, where hot snow falls up and hamburgers eat people and Ronaldinho isn’t fat. In this magical land, the world’s finest WAGs would no longer be able to spend their time melting credit cards in exclusive boutiques or splashing around in the [...]

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Continental WAG Goodness

The hottest WAGs of Euro 2008

With no British presence, you’ll need something to look at

It was the 2006 World Cup that really embedded the concept of Waggery deep into the conscience of this tiny island we all share, yet this summer, Posh, Cheryl et al will not be spending their time in [...]

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WAG of the day

WAG No. 94: Alena Seredova

Great keeper has great looking girlfriend

As if to prove that Petr Cech isn’t the best keeper in the world, he is, Gianluigi Buffon has taken a Czech woman as his lover. And not just any old Czech woman – no, Miss Czech Republic from the 1998 Miss World to be [...]

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