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Mrs Steven Gerrard is a strong, independent woman

Ooh yeah, that’s boss, that

Alex Gerrard

Who’d have thought that when Steven Gerrard first started courting a plucky young blonde thing from Liverpool that she’d turn out not just to be a kind face with a wonderful pair of breasts, but also a supremely talented journalist, a skilled perfumier, a [...]

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Sexy couple

Spoiler readers, your new favourite football glamour couple is…

At a fancy dress party?


The lines are now closed, your votes have been counted and verified, and we can now reveal that The Spoiler’s number one glamourous football couple is……………………


Although, yes, you may have already guessed that particular surprise from the massive picture above.

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Whoah, trippy!

Alex Gerrard incites deep philosphical questioning

Man, that lady be deep and shhh…


Contrary to what your wife/girlfriend told you, WAGs are not totally without purpose. They teach people how best to work out, some of them even do this by using words to explain things. It’s inspiring. But not nearly as inspiring as Steven [...]

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