Transfer stuff

Wickham to Sunderland, Thiago not to Man Utd and more…

Klum – overdressed


It’s been a slightly busier couple of days with regards to all the transfer shenanigans but something just isn’t grabbing us at the moment. It’s not very… y’know… GRRR!

Basically, our appetite has yet to be sufficiently whetted for the upcoming season. Even the revelation that [...]

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Transfer Stuff

Sagna hawks Fabregas and Nasri around, Sanchez to United and more…



Once again, a quiet but consistent whirring and buzzing can be heard around Spoiler Towers – and it’s not just the traffic from our helipad.

The rumours circulating about football’s human recourses are getting so bloody exciting that it’s all anybody wants to talk or even think about. [...]

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lots of opinions...

The one player every team in the Premier League should buy – Part I

Both of these lads should come…


Before anyone comes along and says:

“Surely the one player every team in the Premier League should buy would be Messi.”

…That ain’t an option. What we’ve actually gone and done is listed all the Premier League teams and decided on one player [...]

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