Smooth Criminals

Real Madrid Two get sent off ON PURPOSE!

“Ramos needs to get sent off, pass it on…”

Ramos sending off

(Image via Marca)

With Real Madrid already through to the knockout stages, it seems that Alonso and Ramos thought it wise to avoid missing any of the more trying matches by accidentally-on-purpose taking ages over [...]

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Real Madrid XI

Is this Jose Mourinho’s dream Real Madrid XI?

Not bad…

Real Madrid

There is still much speculation about which players might end up at Real Madrid come the end of next month – Ozil and Khedira have been linked with a move. Jose fancies Cole and Carvalho from his Chelsea days.

Might his starting XI end up looking rather [...]

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World Cup Fever

World Cup Profile: Spain

Not all of these men will play


Of course, Spain look like the most likely winners of the World Cup this year, but who ARE these strange and intriguing people? Read on to find out…

Form Guide

The favourites to win the tournament, and unsurprisingly. They won [...]

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World Cup Fever

VOTE: Will Fabregas spend the World Cup bench-warming?

Practicing sitting down?

Cesc Fabregas

Some wonderful players occasionally come along at exactly the wrong time, finding their stratospheric rise somewhat eclipsed by other major talents. So, while Cesc Fabregas will forever be Wenger’s number one and would probably stroll into any other country’s starting XI, might this [...]

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Mr Can't Sit Still

Oh Rafa Benitez, why do you tinker so?


Look at the more successful managers in the league at the moment (Ferguson, Wenger, even O’Neill) and they appear to have one thing in common – they build their teams, slowly introducing players, always maintaining a good balance of old and new.

At United, wise old heads like Scholes [...]

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