The Sack Race

Make money out of a sacked manager’s utter dismay

Long since gone are the days when a manager would be given time to get things right, and at last count roughly half of all Premier League bosses were rumoured to be nervously sniffing glue in a bid to silence the self-doubting voices in their minds.

All of which leads completely seamlessly to the current sack race, [...]

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Desperate times

6 suggestions as to how Ancelotti can finally relax

Ancelotti – stressed out, man

Carlo Ancelotti 

Poor Carlo Ancelotti, quoted as saying these depressing words:

“I’m not relaxed at all and I don’t sleep well.”

Allow The Spoiler to step in with a six step programme… 

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The Big Question

Is it time for Ancelotti to throw in the towel?

Ancelotti – broken


As if Ancelotti’s disappearing self esteem weren’t in enough danger of totally vanishing, word from the weekend suggests that Roman Abramovich has been figuratively eyeing up another woman who he’d love to shower with compliments for about a year and then psychologically dismantle once the thrill of new [...]

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Had enough news

Is Carlo Ancelotti now the male equivalent of a broken woman?

Ancelotti – you go girl!

Carlo Ancelotti 

Were you to look up the Italian translation of the word “doormat” online, the big surprise is that it isn’t “ancelotti”, but instead the rather poetic sounding “zerbino”.

All of which leads totally seamlessly to the Italian’s torrid fortnight at Chelsea, which has [...]

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Transfer Talk

Ancelotti puts the kibosh on Ashley Cole deal…

Ancelotti – won’t let go

Ancelotti and Cole 

Of course, the biggest news doing the rounds is that the Man United midfielder, Anderson, pulled off a stunt of David Blaine proportions by walking away unscathed from a burning car.

For his next trick, he will presumably spend an [...]

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Transfer Talk

Chelsea looking at Kaka!

Kaka and Ancelotti – great pals

Kaka and Ancelotti 

The big news from the popular Spanish website Marca is that Chelsea might yet have a bash at signing Kaka in the summer.

The Londoners have already been linked with a big money move for a couple [...]

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The Big Question

Vote for who you would LIKE to win the league

The two candidates

Ferguson and Ancelotti

In an almost exact football recreation of this week’s general election, come next Sunday, all of the glory shall be bestowed on either the ale swillers who like to wear red, or the mojito drinkers who prefer blue. In an ideal world, [...]

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