Loveable rogue news

The Spoiler’s Mario Balotelli gets in more trouble – excellent!

Mazza gets the caption treatment


The Spoiler’s first love was pretty mean to us. She kicked us really hard right in the knackers once and ended up kissing our best friend at a 10th birthday party in a swimming pool – flagrantly ignoring the ‘no petting’ sign while she [...]

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Transfer Talk

More transfer window movement from Man City

Mr Flashy wants loads more money, please


That’s “movement” in the very broadest sense of the word. The same sense that finds old women hunched over with their noses mere centimetres from the ground travelling from A to B at around a thirtieth of normal human velocity.

No. This [...]

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News in brief

Maradona’s woes, Anderson’s woes, and other woes…

Is this the face of the next John Terry?

Nathan Baker

As the rest of the nation relaxes into the weekend – perhaps by unbuttoning a shirt down to the belly button, unbuckling those trousers, or drinking at your desk to signify the imminent arrival of FRIDAY NIGHT [...]

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Transfer Talk

Transfer news: New strikers for Arsenal and Birmingham

Say “bonjour”, Arsenal fans…

Loic Remy

With the football grapevine all aflutter with talk of dodgy sexual goings-on, and promises of shocking weekend revelations, The Spoiler‘s eyes and ears are refusing to shift from the transfer window – a past time that has come to resemble one of [...]

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Naughty Boy

Uh-oh, looks like Anderson’s in big trouble with Fergie

“Yay, high ten!… now sod off.”

Anderson and Fergie

It’s a known fact that the most efficient method of escape from Man United is to locate the high point of Sir Alex Ferguson’s rage. Jaap Stam took up the rather cumbersome practice of book writing to infuriate his [...]

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Transfer Talk

Transfer news: City and United both fancy Buffon, and more…

“Hmmm, City or United?”


Contrary to opinion, The Spoiler is not bulletproof. Feelings can be hurt, criticism can cut deep, and evenings can be spent weeping into a pillow – hungry, alone, and a bit thirsty. One such night happened last night, when this comment (from someone called “R”) [...]

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Oh great, now Berbatov’s injured or something

Are United ready to see the back of this man?


When he was jacuzziing himself in his shiny North London bathroom after a hard day at Spurs, young Dimitar Berbatov must have been daydreaming about the glitz and glamour of Manchester life.

The soft grey skies, the warm, sensual gravy oozing from the corners of [...]

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