AVB’s threat to pull out of talks with Tottenham oozes petulance

Ex-Chelsea boss confused by the concept of an interview process


The Spoiler won’t tackle the logistics of how one resigns from talks as Barney Ronay has nailed that on Twitter, but there is much to find fascinating about Andre Villas-Boas’ alleged anger at being told Tottenham were discussing their vacancy with other candidates.

Perhaps, and it’s a lingering per-ha-psss at that, Jose Mourinho [...]

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Europe’s next top manager: Little Airplane set to scale great heights

Catania boss destined for greatness, if he ignores Inter and Chelsea


The similarities between catwalk and dugout are vast: the posturing, the ability to silently convey a message interpretable only by the profession’s elite (ie Tyra Banks, John Terry), the bitchiness and above all else the fashion accessories.

When it comes to cutthroat-itude, to invent a term that should exist, though a dugout is an even [...]

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AVB out, RDM in, Chelsea to hire a two-initialled manager in June

Is Spalletti the man to restore two-name normality at Chelsea?


Just hours passed between Chelsea firing up the Bunsen burner for the zany scientific experiment of putting cone distributor Roberto Di Matteo in charge until the summer and the previous promoters of such a strategy, Wolves, being thumped 5-0 round the corner.

Luckily for RDM, as he will surely be labelled within a week – [...]

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Is Villas-Boas so fed up that he actually wants Chelsea to get rid?

AVB kindly points out that this is usually sacking season at Chelsea


It’s tough to know how to feel about Andre Villas-Boas. He’s not the most endearing boss – though Mick McCarthy’s demise pushes him up that table – yet there has to be some sympathy as he tries to assert authority over the squad who think that they can manage themselves.

Saturday’s 3-0 stroll past a [...]

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Why Chelsea were right to go young with Roberto Di Matteo

33-year-old boss + 41-year old no.2 = disaster? Don’t be so sure…

Title-winning assistant managers in Europe

The reaction to Andre Villas Boas’ decision to hire an assistant only eight years older than his 33-year-old self in Roberto Di Matteo has been one of shock that [...]

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Backroom news

Sammy Lee leaves Liverpool and Villas-Boas does some nice talking…

Any excuse…


Former Arsenal director Lady Bracewell-Smith isn’t happy with the current Gunners board and reckons they should all be sacked because they are ineffective (Ivan Gazidis, Peter Hill-Wood, Ken Friar) and because some of them appear to have escaped from a P.G. Wodehouse story (Sir Chips Keswick and [...]

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Because we definitely know best...

What should Andre Villas-Boas do now he’s Chelsea boss?

Time to be less loveable?


Really, this question should be extremely simple to answer. He should gradually shape the team by bringing his own players in, gradually stamp his footballing identity on the team and Chelsea should gradually become the European-conquering side they’ve threatened to be for the past [...]

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transfer stuff

Neymar to Real Madrid, Luiz to Barcelona and more…

Two sexy Spaniards…


There is a distinct Spanish feel to the transfer rumours today with Real Madrid and Barcelona both chasing some bloody big names.

Before all that though – Chelsea have confirmed Andre Villas-Boas as their next boss. He’s signed a three-year deal.

Apparently, that now means Roman [...]

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