Villas-Boas to Chelsea, Barton to Arsenal and more

Villas-Boas to Chelsea, Barton to Arsenal and more

Taken six years ago when he was 27-years-old…


Andre Villas-Boas is gonna be the next boss Chelsea fired for underachieving – well done on the forthcoming massive payday, Andre!

Anyway, The Spoiler was convinced it was only a matter of time before Guus Hiddink was unveiled as the new [...]

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The Spoiler Awards – Manager of the Season

No way…


When The Spoiler was a child its father used to be the manager of its football team.

Getting lifts to all the games and training was absolutely brilliant, but being substituted all the time because The Dad-Coach didn’t want to look biased was rubbish – it’s probably [...]

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A poll!

Who should take over from Carlo Ancelotti at Chelsea?



Chelsea head honcho Roman Abramovich acted with all the class and grace that we’ve come to expect from him yesterday by sacking cuddly Carlo about 0.6 seconds after their 1-0 defeat against ten-man Everton.

The trouble with Chelsea, like, is that you never know who made what decision [...]

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A poll!

Who should be in charge of Chelsea at the start of next season?

He couldn’t, could he?


With Roman Abramovich starting to resemble a Gollum-esq character who will not rest until he has captured his precious Champions League title, it looks as though Carlo Ancelotti is out on his arse to reside with all the other ex-Chelsea bosses in Valinor.

But who [...]

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