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Arshavin demands money back from apologetic flower seller

Flowers – lovely, but expensive


It wasn’t so long ago that The Spoiler was complaining about a serious lack of funny footballers. They all just seem so humourless, with their self-important haircuts, and their arms full of the most fashionable tattoos.

But one man seriously bucking that particular trend [...]

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Andrey Arshavin is one of a kind, insists Andrey Arshavin

Footballer clears nose

Andrey Arshavin

Don’t believe everything that you read in the red tops – not all footballers are oily-legged love cheats with appallingly bad spikey hair don’ts. Some of these men are thinkers, intellectuals. If you prick them, they bleed.

Such as Arsenal’s child-sized fashionista, Andrey Arshavin. His

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More wisdom

Well, it’s official, Arshavin does not wear G-strings

Prefers a more gentlemanly underpant


The least surprising news of the day is that Ricky Martin has finally come out of the closet. Anyone with a functioning Gaydar pretty much twigged this information when they first noticed his impressive hip dancing. It’s a depressing truth, but “straights” have [...]

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Arshavin Blog

More pearls of wisdom from the Andrey Arshavin blog!

Andrey – speaks his brains


Of course, the big news today is that Arsenal’s dinky little fashion graduate, Andrey Arshavin, thinks that his club doesn’t have enough “star players” to win trophies, which is rather negative talk at this stage of the campaign.

“The Premier League is very interesting, at [...]

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Great Blog Alert!

Fancy getting a piercing? Don’t! Arshavin HATES them

Look away, Andrey!


Well, it’s happened. As with so many fine discoveries, eventually something else will come along and blow it out of the water. Remember the revolutionary Sony Walkman? No, you probably don’t. Because you’ve moved on to a Discman. How’s that working out for you, Mr Futuristic Spaceman?

Anyway, the point [...]

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Smokey Joes

Arshavin hates smokers, especially women ones!

“Hey woman, don’t let Arshavin see you with that!”

Woman Smoker 

Site regulars will already be well aware of the fondness attached to a decent footballer blog. Vassell has long since set the benchmark for what can be achieved when a sportsman turns his soul inside out [...]

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