Anelka and Henry still want their World Cup money, ta

Man demands payment from clowns

Anelka clowns 

The Spoiler speaks what you could call “basic basic French” at best, but with a little bit of luck, this won’t be completely lost in translation.

According to reports from our French cousins, whilst 21 members of the France World [...]

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Inspiring women, Dalglish to step in for Rafa, and more…

“Danielle! Danielle!… can you look inspiring?”

Danielle Lloyd

For those of you not invited, today was not just a typical Wednesday, it was also the day of the SHE Inspiring Women Awards – presumably an awards ceremony celebrating inspiring women. And inspiring they certainly were. Danielle Lloyd, Elen Rives, [...]

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Anelka and Drogba hate each other, suggests Kevin Davies

Ahh, the good old days

Anelka and Drogba

If Hollywood has taught the world anything, it’s that people don’t necessarily have to get on well to get the job done. Look at Maverick and Ice Man in Top Gun – those guys couldn’t stand each other, but [...]

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Capello on pens, and bad news for Chelsea…

Capello – understands stress


It’s important in modern football that the manager understands the mental state of his players. That he can accurately grasp factors like anxiety, terror, and shape-shifting goals.

So, the great news for England’s national footballers, is that Capello totally gets it. He said this about penalties, as reported in today’s [...]

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