Transfer talk

The Liverpool revolving door set to start spinning

The revolving door at Liverpool FC is slowly thawing out following the harsh weather conditions caused by The Spoiler’s misjudged decade-long decision to spray aerosols directly at the Ozone Layer to create better summers without considering the flipside. Sorry about that. Here’s some news about ins and outs at Anfield….

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Gambling Information

Make money on Gerard Houllier’s return to Anfield

Great times…

Gerard Houllier

For those wondering, no, Gerard Houllier has not been back to Anfield. Not in any official capacity anyway. He might have nipped back to pick up some branded fountain pens and a carton of smokes that he’d left in Rafa’s office, but this will be the first chance [...]

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The Big Question

Is this the worst Liverpool side ever? Or, erm, not?

All is not well…


Decent in the 60s, great in the 70s, stratospheric in the 80s, Spice Boys in the 90s, Champions League miracles in the 2000s – but what of this latest rabble?

Is it the worst side that Anfield has ever produced? Let us know your thoughts [...]

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Football Soap Opera

The countdown to a new Liverpool era begins

Read between the lines, chaps


Whatever you do, don’t underestimate the sheer magnitude of what is going on at Liverpool. Seriously, do anything else – swallow chewing gum, stick your wet fingers in a plug socket, smoke and eat – just don’t underestimate this.

Because, in football terms, you are [...]

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The Big Question

Have Liverpool made another big mistake?

Enjoy it while it lasts, Liverpool fans


The more sympathetic man on the street might feel a morsel of sympathy, watching the Liverpool boardroom repeatedly stepping on icy banana skins, as they smash through one metaphorical pane of glass after another, then slide under ladders, tumble into walls, before [...]

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Stanley Park Update

Liverpool’s new stadium project put on hold

Construction to continue when economic situation improves

Liverpool’s new stadium. Maybe.

When Billy Bob Gillett and Hank Hicks took control of Liverpool in 2007, plans to move the club to a new 60,000-seater stadium in nearby Stanley Park were put on hiatus, so that an architect from [...]

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