Bright Lights

10 Greatest Sportsmen/women turned actors EVER!

Cruise and Beckham – known to one another a Tom and David

Tom Cruise and David Beckham 

The big news from today’s Sun is that Tom Cruise totally thinks that David Beckham should give acting a go, once he’s finally hung up his football slippers, and stuffed [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 151: Elsa Benítez

No relation to Rafa, we presume

One may think The Spoiler is scraping the WAG barrel by dedicating a day to the former wife of a retired Lebanses-American basketball player, but a cursory glance at Mexican supermodel Elsa Benítez will prove otherwise. The 30-year-old beauty was married to Rony Seikaly (twelve [...]

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Retired Tennis Player/Model

Sexy Wimbledon Lady No.10: Anna Kournikova

Look, it was her or Mauresmo, okay!

Hey, who cares that Kournikova hasn’t picked up a racket in about five years? Or that she pretty much fluked her way to the Wimbledon semi-finals over ten years ago and never achieved anything else? The woman invented pretty tennis players. Before that, the best you could hope [...]

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