The Cassano meltdown

Antonio Cassano breaks world tantrum throwing record live on TV

Sampdoria “star” bids farewell to his self-respect, for this lifetime at least

Antonio Cassano was not so long ago boasting of his qualities as a) a top class ladies’ man, steamrollering his way through the women of Madrid, and b) a model professional equipped with the supreme strength of mind required to turn his back [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 38: Rosaria Cannavò

Christian Panucci’s lady is the backbone of Italian television

Having only seen Italian TV in fragments on the internet, it would appear that their entire programming schedule is based around filming spectacular beauties with huge cleavage wobbling around atop fake surfboards, or similar activities that make their [...]

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Lazy idle loafer

Not everyone loves Capello

Which player admits he prefers girls and drinking to England’s stern new dominatrix?

Antonio Cassano

While England’s players and bureaucrats are finding themselves secretly excited by life at Miss Fabio Capello’s Victorian boarding school, one of his old pupils has publicly announced that the Capello regime was not for [...]

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