Mr Tough

Germany’s Philipp Lahm opens up a can of whoop-ass!

Stand back everyone – tough guy coming through

Philipp Lahm

Okay, it’s not quite getting to heavyweight boxer proportions, where one guy says he’s going to have sex with the other one’s wife, before also threatening to eat his offspring and brutalise his very soul, but the Germans are having a [...]

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Wise Guys

Diego Maradona’s entourage – true identities revealed!

Just ignore Ray Liotta…

Maradona Goodfellas

Some of you might have noticed that Diego Maradona never goes anywhere without a couple of nice gentleman who look like they run a casino when they’re not attempting to scare other teams into losing football matches.

One of them in particular – [...]

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Maradona reckons Jose Mourinho is useful in bed

Diego uses the Special One as late-night tactics hotline


Diego Maradona has revealed he plans to take the slightly unfair step of engaging in some after-hours tactical brainstorming with smug Champions League conqueror Jose Mourinho, in preparation for Argentina’s assault on the World Cup knockout stages.

Apparently The Special [...]

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