Brekkin' The Law

David Bentley arrested for drink driving

Tottenham star continues to sabotage his career

David Bentley

David Bentley and his delightfully punchable face found themselves in trouble with the law in the early hours of Wednesday morning, as the Tottenham star was charged with drink driving.

After enjoying a concert by Oasis-AC/DC hybrid Jet [...]

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Sexy Crime News

Spanish club president arrested after shootout in a brothel

Xerez Club Deportivo should be proud of their top dog

Joaquín Bilbao

The handsome devil above is Joaquín Bilbao, the president of Spanish second division side Xerez. If you think he looks like the kind of chap who wouldn’t be arrested for his involvement in a shootout in a [...]

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Suspicious Behaviour

Everton star suspected of being a jewellery thief

Police swoop on Victor Anichebe while he browses in shop window

Victor Anichebe

While deciding how to dispose of his generous income at the window of a posh jewellery shop in Knutsford, Cheshire yesterday, Everton star Victor Anichebe was deemed to be “acting suspiciously” by Police. Rather than risk [...]

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Brekkin' The Law

Ashley Cole arrested and fined for being drunk

Moronic Chelsea star lives it up while the missus is out of town

Ashley Cole is a chump

As a kind spirit who no longer beats up toilet attendants, Cheryl Cole is currently doing her bit for charity by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief.


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