Why Arsenal are getting a brilliant deal for Fabregas…

On his way?


With the transfer window opening in Spain on Friday, The Guardian reports that Fabregas is keen to finalise a move to Barcelona before he has to report back to Arsenal for pre-season training next week.

Several sources also believe Barca have upped their bid to £35million [...]

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Fabregas to Milan, Forlan to Tottenham, and more…

Ahh, memories…


Barcelona were surely taking the p*ss with their bid of £27million for Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas earlier today, no? It’s almost as if Barca didn’t expect the bid to be accepted.

It’s like they wanted Fabregas to know there is concrete interest. It’s like they want [...]

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Sagna hawks Fabregas and Nasri around, Sanchez to United and more…



Once again, a quiet but consistent whirring and buzzing can be heard around Spoiler Towers – and it’s not just the traffic from our helipad.

The rumours circulating about football’s human recourses are getting so bloody exciting that it’s all anybody wants to talk or even think about. [...]

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Questions, questions, questions...

Arsenal legend Lee Dixon answers your questions!


A couple of weeks ago The Spoiler asked for your questions to give to ex-Arsenal player and excellent pundit, Lee Dixon.

We had plenty of responses – [...]

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Henderson to Liverpool, Fabregas to Barca and other stuff…



So, Rihanna has been on stage again singing her saucy songs and even giving one FEMALE fan a lap dance!

Anyone would think she was trying to be controversial to generate publicity to sell records and things. Calm down, RiRi!

In other controversial news, here’s what we know [...]

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The Spoiler Awards – Match of the Season



Now that all the proper football has finished and we’re left with a summer of reading how Cesc Fabregas will be off to Barcelona any minute and that Man City have bid £3.2billion for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, The Spoiler thought it would be a good time to have a [...]

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